I. Antina

I met Antina immediately upon my arrival at Gorna Bela Rechka, in May 2011. We were introduce by a common friend, and soon she became my guide and rescuer. I had not brought any food with me, and there was no place in the village to get food at that time. Antina took me to one of the villagers’ house, where the lelya (auntie) made me some eggs. Very quickly, I learned to like Antina for her down-to-earth and gentle manners and her well-rounded and thoughtful ideas, that seemed uncanny because she was only 21 at that time. I sat with her the next day as she was putting together her installation for the festival, and she became my first interviewee, reluctantly and shyly on her part, but she eventually almost eased into the role. Her thoughtful responses were a gift to me as they gave me an intimate and unreserved picture of the topics I was delving into. Later that summer, I visited her in Vienna, and our friendship has become a dearly cherished one for me.

Antina Zlatkova is a multimedia artist who lives in Vienna. She contributed to this project by editing the three conversations that are in Bulgarian.

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