IX. Anguelina

Anguelina Ranguelova has been my angel since before my first trip to Bulgaria. She assisted me in my exhibition by recruiting volunteers for the performance piece and facilitating the workshops in Bulgarian. During the festival, in which she was a very active volunteer organizer, we also became friends, and we sealed our friendship over a two-and-a-half hour walk from Gorna Bela Rechka to Varshets to partake of the mineral springs there. Since then Anguelina has been involved in many projects, most involving children. She also has been teaching French language to children. She has a strong commitment to socially conscious and progressive projects, and she knows most people who work in this expanded field. She was and remains a social catalyst, an example of a part of her generation of Bulgarians who have learned enough about the capitalist system to know that it’s not necessarily the better alternative to communism, so they try to dream and bring to reality alternatives to both.

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